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20th October 2014

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damn it, Kalinda! I wanna slap you! lol you don’t talk when you should, and then you talk when you shouldn’t

Lana and Kalinda, always so freaking hot! 

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13th October 2014

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Jill Flint and Carrie Preston in the next episode!! yay!!

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29th September 2014

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now that Diane is officially with Florrick Agos, can we have Kalicia?? is that too much to ask???

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4th September 2014

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So… Sophia (Kelli Giddish) is back….

I wish Lana (Jill Flint) was back too!

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20th May 2014

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If Diane is going to Florrick/Agos, Kalinda is going too, right?


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24th March 2014

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"I’m the new Will."

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24th March 2014

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I mean, I just saw him a few hours ago. He was…”

"He was happy."

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24th March 2014

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Kalinda/Archie rocks! I missed that, and I’ll miss Will/Josh. :(

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9th March 2014

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YAY!! All my favorite shows are coming back tonight!

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13th January 2014


Seriously, I see no chemistry between Kalinda and Cary.

Kalicia were in the same building. I think that’s a win, guys!!:p

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