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29th April 2013

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I don’t care who Alicia chooses. I just want Kalicia back! :(

And if Alicia’s going with Cary, Kalinda has to go too!!! 


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22nd April 2013

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“Alicia, it’s… Amber Madison.”

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22nd April 2013

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No Kalicia again. :((((

season finale is next week. I want Kalicia!

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4th March 2013

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The Good Wife 4x16 Promo “Runnin’ with the Devil” (HD) (by televisionpromos)

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7th February 2013

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7th January 2013

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7th January 2013

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7th January 2013

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And I was here thinking that we wouldn’t have any Kalinda/Alicia scenes…

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3rd December 2012

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Nick,you threathened Alicia.You are daed meat.

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26th November 2012

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Korsak fighting for gay rights??
So… Rizzles, right?

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