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8th October 2014

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Xena Meme:
↳Ten Quotes [5/10]

"A Friend In Need" 

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7th October 2014

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7th October 2014

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me: *looks at favorite characters* *wipes away tears* you deserved so much better 

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29th July 2014

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I’m falling in love with you.

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28th July 2014

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Can we hope to see A HAPPY MARBECCA in the END?

In early 2015, after twenty years on German television, Verbotene Liebe will go off the air. This long running serial has a history of same sex relationship story lines and in supporting the LGBT community in general. Marlene and Rebecca (Marbecca) as portrayed by Melanie Kogler and Tatjana Kästel, is the latest and some say greatest same-sex love story the show has ever produced due to the great acting and amazing chemistry of the two actresses. After almost two years together, however, this couple and her fans are now in limbo.

Please give this couple and their fans the happy ending they deserve. These two are soul-mates, the "love of my life" as each said. Rebecca once promised, "I will always fight for you because you are the most important thing in my life." To then give up so easily, without a second chance, without a fight, makes no sense to their struggles to be together nor to their thousands of fans throughout the world.

Please also take a couple of minutes to write VL at: info@daserste.de, info@ufagrundy.de and info@ufa-serialdrama.de. And let them know you want to see a happy ending for Marbecca.

Source: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bring-back-marbecca

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20th July 2014

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[Fanvideo] Doccubus (Just How Beautiful You Are) Bo & Lauren 

by Fae - Spiration


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16th July 2014

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You were right about what you said earlier. About being my best friend.

It’s time for you to go home.

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16th July 2014

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Look in on my family when you can.

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13th July 2014

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thanks for the memories, 24.

november 6, 2001 - july 14, 2014

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21st May 2014

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feeling something I shouldn’t be feeling.


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